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Jensen Learning integrates cutting-edge neuroscience with practical, user-friendly classroom strategies, to overcome challenging teaching environments such as poverty, AD/HD... helping you create a high performance school environment.

On our website you'll find books on Brain-Based Learning and Brain-Based Teaching, as well as Eric Jensen's Brain-Based PowerPoint Presentations to help you deliver a clear concise learning experience and a powerful presentation to your teaching staff...

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Jensen Learning Workshops Provide Classroom-Proven,
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Professional development

NEW: 7 Discoveries from Brain Research that Impact Education. A One-Hour Professional Development Delivered Online.

Many have called this the most powerful introduction to brain-based learning. Seven core principles are introduced, each with critical links to student achievement.

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Get four (4) powerful 99-minute live staff development presentations, delivered online. You can now soak in the cutting-edge content over and over for maximum learning.

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Eric Jensen's Brain-Based Teaching PowerPoint Presentations For Staff Development:

Eric Jensen Teaching Tools PowerpointsIn today's world, budgets are tighter than ever. Principals are now tasked with a great amount of staff training... so we've made it easier for you!

Eric Jensen's Brain-Based PowerPoint presentations to help you deliver a clear concise learning experience and a powerful presentation to your teaching staff.

The PowerPoint presentations have been created for:

  1. Trainers who work with groups of 20 or more
  2. Staff developers who really want to make a difference in the lives of others
  3. Teachers who want a more energizing classroom and...
  4. Anyone who currently or will in the future, spend a lot time in front of groups.

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Staff Development DVD

Enriching The Brain Of Poverty DVD Workshop

Enriching the Students of Poverty…
An Eric Jensen Training to Go!

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What is Brain-Based Learning?

“Brain-Based Education is the purposeful engagement of strategies based on principles derived from solid scientific research.”

Other research in related fields such as social neuroscience, psychoimmunology, behavioral genetics, psychobiology, cognitive science, neuroscience and physiology also play a role.

Brain-Based Learning is also the application of a meaningful group of principles that represent our understanding of how our brain works in the context of education.

Brain-Based Learning is simply the engagement of strategies based on body/mind/brain research..

Brain-Based Learning is not a panacea or magic bullet to solve all of education’s problems. Anyone who represents that to others is misleading them. There is not yet a “one size fits all” brain-based program, model or package for schools to follow.

What Does a Brain-Based Teacher Do?

A brain-compatible teacher teaches with the brain in mind.

This educator understands the principles and uses strategies in a purposeful way. This path is all about an educator who understands the reasoning behind their teaching. It is also one who stays constantly updated through continuous professional development.


Eric Jensen’s brain-based teacher workshops focus on practical strategies linking brain research to student achievement. At conferences, Eric Jensen typically does keynotes and breakout sessions. In addition, Eric is available to offer much longer, more in-depth programs and teacher workshops at your school or district. Each additional day gives your participants a stronger scientific foundation plus additional practical strategies, with time to practice on-site. Click to find out more on how to bring Eric Jensen to your school for a private teacher workshop.

Nurture the learning brain through brain-based teaching approaches Professional Development Topic choices: * Teaching with the Brain in Mind * Tools for Engagement * Teaching with Poverty in Mind * Upgrading and Enriching the Student Brain * 12 Principles of Brain-Based Education * Early Childhood Education * Arts with the Brain in Mind * Unlocking the 7 Secrets of the Teen Brain * Different Brains, Different Learners (Special Needs) * 7 Discoveries from Brain Research that Could Revolutionize Education * Memory and Recall for Underperformers

Brain-based teaching is all about smarter, more purposeful teaching that can reach a greater number of students. It’s not any one single thing you do. It’s more about the on-going, purposeful aggregate of environment, instruction and curriculum strategies that makes it all work.

Jensen Learning offers a range of teacher resources, staff development tools and teacher workshops...
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Brain Based TeachingEric Jensen New Book

Poor Students, Rich Teaching: Mindsets for Change

Discover practical and research-based strategies to ensure all students, regardless of circumstance, are graduate college and career ready.

This book details the necessary but difficult work that teachers must do to establish the foundational changes essential to positively impact students in poverty.

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